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SD46 Indigenous Education

Indigenous Student Success



The Indigenous Student Success Teacher has a thorough understanding of First Nations, Métis and Inuit history, culture, and contemporary life.


Supported and supervised by the District Principal of Indigenous Learning, the Teacher works in all secondary school and alternative settings, including some interaction with elementary aged students in care or when transitioning from elementary to secondary school.


To support student success, the teacher:


• monitors and works to support transitions as well as the academic and personal success

of all students with First Nations, Métis or Inuit ancestry, including attending school based team meetings and designing Student Learning Plans with educators, parents/guardians and students themselves;


• assists school staff in counselling Indigenous students regarding course and program selection, time tables and scheduling, school adjustment, social responsibility, attendance issues and study skills;


• assists Indigenous students through a service or agency referral process regarding personal and social issues;


• directly supports Indigenous students in crisis situations;


• consults with teachers and parents and other professionals such as psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, and Child and Youth Mental Health practitioners regarding various issues and concerns, and with administrators and First Nations community resource people/liaisons/agencies regarding programs and referrals. This includes liaising within the district and with MCFD concerning Indigenous students in care;


• in collaboration with the District Career Coordinator and shishalh Nation Education staff, supports Indigenous students regarding career, vocational and post-secondary school exploration and planning;


• connects and interacts with Indigenous families and the Indigenous communities of the Sunshine Coast;


• models approaches, co-teaches and collaborates with school-based counselors in order to promote and include Indigenous culture in schools/classrooms and to support Indigenous students in their programming, their learning, and their well-being.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments:

Kerry Mahlman
District Principal
Indigenous Learning
School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast)

Phone: 604 885 8345

Guy Morin
Director of Education
shíshálh Nation

Phone: 604-885-9404 ext. 257

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